Becky the Wool Owl


Becky the Wool Owl proudly stands on her perch on a vintage Pewter candlestick. She is whimsical yet traditional in style. Made by hand.


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Wool Owl on Pewter Base

Becky the Wool Owl on Pewter Base, is whimsical surely to lighten your day. She stands proudly on

In the wee hours of the morning, Becky the Wool Owl took her perch on a vintage Pewter candlestick. She’s no ordinary owl. Made from eight of the finest wools in earthy brown tones, with vintage mother of pearl buttons for eyes.

She’s whimsical while handmade in the tradition of wool embroidery most noted on penny rugs.

This owl was also stuffed with wool scraps.

Before attaching to the base short dowels were centered in the candlestick for added support. Where the base meets the pewter base I’ve added antiqued cheesecloth for a nested look. The base does show some wear as it is vintage which adds to the charm. The manufacturer of the candlestick can be seen in the photographs.

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Weight 6.55 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3.50 in


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