If you are passionate about decorating a Primitive style home, a home with antiques, or just love quality handmade items, you are in the right place.

Everything on this website (unless stated otherwise) has been handmade. These are all original designs. Many are one of a kind.

Our stitcheries are made one stitch at a time. Many sayings may tug at your heartstrings, bring you back to a special sentimental memory or favorite person.

Our frames are all recycled finds. Each frame has been sanded, painted, distressed and finished.

All of our pillows are rag filled for that authentic look and feel of a vintage/antique pillow. Let’s face it 50 years ago and older polyester was unheard of. You may be wondering what rag fill is. It happens to be the scraps that would have gone to a landfill. Scraps of fabric, cotton, wool, upholstery fabric, worn out “clean” clothing and quilt batting, get saved especially for stuffing purposes.

Our penny rugs and woolen items are made from 100% wool. They are hand stitched using perle cotton embroidery floss.

Many of the dolls and pinkeeps begin with vintage candlesticks or other bases.

If it isn’t vintage – we’ll create it to have that treasured look and feel.

Please enjoy your visit on these pages and come back again. There’s always something getting prepared to post, especially as the seasons change.

Have a Blessed Day, Sheila